Thursday, September 4, 2008

Window Shopping

This is the third of my designs. It is entitled "Window Shopping" This piece was done for two reasons, one for a competition that I entred & secondly for the accreditation.

By The Tree

This is the second piece that I did for the practical teachers course. It is entitled by the tree. I have patterns for this & all of my designs, & if you would ever like to buy one you can go to my web site to purcase them. This piece was inpired by a character out of a Jane Austen movie, the Character in question is Elizabeth from Pride & Predudice. All of these designs were designed in 2007.

Going to the ball

This is one of the first Raised embroidered figures that I have designed. I designed this embroidery for a course that I was doing through the NSW Embroiderer's guild. Called the Practical teachers course. We had to design & submit three of our own works to become accredited teachers through the guild. I must say that I did not obtain the accreditation, but I am on the guilds Guest tutor list.

My main passion in embroidery is Raised figures, & most of my inspiration has come from three ladies in the industry. The first is Barbara Hirst, the second is Kay Dennis & the Third but by no means the last Grace Lister. Grace is a constant source of inspiration to me & her work is amazing.

First day of blogging

This is just a short story about what I do.
I have been doing Embroidery for some time now, I can not quite remember when I started. But I can say that I have only really taken it serious for the last 7 years. I am currantly doing a City & Guild course in Stumpwork Embroidery, Level three. I also have a small Embroidery business & in time I will add details of were you can buy from me. I hope to have a long & fun journy with you all. Elizabeth