Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vintage Tag for Tag Tuesday

This , well I should say last Tuesdays tag Tuesday's challenge theme was Vintage. This is what I have done.

The base fabric is a gold dupiont silk with a layer of some most beautiful brocade silk that was kindly given to me by a very dear frien from England. I then added a vintage picture from some scrapbooking paper. The picture had a picture of a cameo on it & I just happened to have a real cameo the same size. It was a marrage made in heaven ☺ I have had the cameo for years & always wondered what I would use it for. I have also added a vintage type flower made from scrunched up brown paper that I have destressed with Tim Holtz inks, & added a sparkly brad in the centre.

At the top of the tag I have embroidered some silk ribbon, gathered French knot roses.

Next Tuesday's (which will be tomorrow here in Australia) tag tuesday theme is "Lace." So watch this space. I will be addeding the lace tag today.
Warm Hugs
Your Friend
Elizabeth xx


I finally have my new web site up & running with my new business venture.

I have joined a wonderful company called Stampin Up. They & I sell all your stamping, paper craft & scrapbooking needs. To visit my new web click on the link to the right under the title Embroidery. There you will see

I hope to see you over there soon. :-)
Warm Hugs
Your Friend
Elizabeth xx

Sunday, January 22, 2012

TAST week 2 Buttonhole

This is what I have done so far for week two's TAST. Buttonhole. This piece is still a WIP I am wanting to use as many different types of threads & fibers as I can for this & most of the stitches that I will do.

Buttonhole would have to be my most favourite stitch out there. It is so versatile & as I am a stumpwork embroiderer Buttonhole is used quite a lot.

Here are some samples I did for a City & Guilds stumpwork course a few years ago. It shows the use of Buttonhole stitches used in Needlelace.
Big Hugs
Your Friend
Elizabeth xx

Tag Tuesday White

This is the white tag that I created for this weeks Tag Tuesday challenge. I have used a silk Habiti as the base fabric & added some silk velvet. The baubly bit is done by diong lots of gather stitches in circles onto some open weave Muslin. This is a technique I learned of Karan Ruane's Button workshop that I did recently.

I have embellished the whole tag with embroidery, beads, flowers & Gems. I am quite happy with the results of this tag.

I am now looking forward to sharing next weeks tag which will be Vintage. It is already to go, Just have to wait for the 24th☺

Your Friend
Elizabeth xx

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Two workshops in one. TAST & Landscape Journal

This is the cover of the landscape Journal cover I did as an online workshop with Dale Potter at I have tweeked this workshop slightly in that I have used Evelon & a very stiff pelmet vilene to make my cover.

I also have to say that it had its share of ups & downs this cover. After I had finished all the paintings & drawings & started to sew on the flowers. I realised that I had done it all on the wrong side☹☹ As you can see on the inside of the cover.

This is the inside cover of what I have now made into a book that I will use for my Take A Stitch Tuesday challenge.

This is the back of the book closed up.

This is the front of the book closed as well. I have used a ribbon that I have threaded through the cover as the closer on the book. The binding is a pamphlet stitched binding with the knots & threads to the outside which I have then added beads to.

This is day one of TAST. It is Fly stitch. I have done sample in different ways & then done a picture using mainly Fly stitch. I may yet still add to this page. I am not sure.

Looking forward now to finding out what Tomorrows stitch will be for TAST.
Warm hugs & I mean warm! It is that hot here in Queensland Australia☹
Your Friend
Elizabeth xx

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tag Tuesday snow

This is the second tag that I made for the 3rd January 2012 tag Tuesday. This one is made from some hand made felt I did for Christmas last year. I have embellished it with lots of seed pearls, diamonties, sequins & embroidery stitches. The most favourite embroidery stitch of mine next to the Buttonhole stitch is the web stitch that I learnt to do on an online workshop with Karen Ruane.

I am quite liking making these tags & am thinking of making lots more for gift tags. I have also started to make a book that I can keep all of my tags in. With photos of my work & that of others that I have liked for inspiration. I will post more about the book when it is put together.

Warm Hugs
Your Friend
Elizabeth xx

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tag Tuesday

I have joined a blog that is running a challenge every Tuesday, to make a tag. This Tuesday was the first Tuesday. The theme for the 3rd January was Snow.

You can find a link to the blog on the right hand side bar. It is called Tag Tuesday, & is run by Carolyn Saxby from Love Stitching Red. Do take a look at the blog, there are some wonderful pieces of work being shown.

Big Hugs Your Friend
Elizabeth xxx