Friday, May 4, 2012

Vintage sewing book

This is the book that I have been making. And the book that the sewing tag was made for.  Above is the cover of the book.
Pages 1 & 2. The doily is one that my mum gave me & the studs are some that my friend Isabell gave me. Page 2 has an embroidery that I did for module one of my city & guilds home work.
Pages 3&4. The little book in the centre of page 4 is  a book that is filled with pictures of every size needle there is. So now if I have needles in a pin cushion & I am not sure of the size. I can just pull out this book & place the needle on the pages & see which one it is.

There are still many pages to be filled in. And I will have fun collecting all the bits & bobs for them.
Warm Hugs
Your Friend
Elizabeth xx

Im Back ☺☺

Sorry I have been away for so long. I have been unwell & extremely busy. But here I am and getting back into the swing of things. Parden the pun :-) I will start this post with a tag for the tag tuesday challenge.

When I saw the challenge for doing a tag themed on sewing, my mind went crazy (not that it has ever not been crazy:-) ) I have been making a fabric book, that I have been filling with antique sewing ephemra for some time now, & when asked to do the tag, I had just what I needed. This tag will go inside my Vintage sewing journal.

I have been trying to get through all of my UFO's these past few weeks. This needle case that I started way back in 2005/06 sometime, is now finally finished. YAAAAAAAA!

Now I am embroidering lots of flowers onto some water soluble fabric, ready for another Tag & also for another UFO that I started quite some time ago as well. This one was an online course that I did through the HEN web site. Called " The Stitches Embroidered Garden Journal" with Victoria Crowden Payne from Freedom of stitches.

The piece has sat in my room, waiting for inspiration & me to finish it. Now I am. I have been inspired to finish this piece, by another project that I have been working on.

I am working with a few friends through a book called Experimental textiles by Kim Thittichai. Last week we did the journey painting. Mine is 6 meters long by 29cm high. Anyway, as I started painting things where not looking so good. Then as I progressed it all started to look better. I have called the piece "My Journey To Mt Warning". From this piece the ispiration came to finish my Stitches embroidered Garden Piece.

I will post more on these two pieces later. Till then
Warm Hugs
Your Friend
Elizabeth xxx