Saturday, December 3, 2011

Button Number 4

This is the fourth button in what will be loads more☺

This button was made using silk velvet with a silk brocade in the centre. The fabrics where given to me by a very dear friend Isabell xx I have cut the centre of the velvet out & then done a buttonhole & needle laced edge around it. The brocade was secured on by a running stitch around the buttonholing. I have then finished off the button by adding some silk ribbon french knot roses. This is the first time I have used the silk ribbon frech knot roses, & I have to say I love them & will be using this stitch a whole lot more in my embroideries☺☺
Big Hugs Your Friend
Elizabeth xx

Button number 3

Well here I am again with button number three ☺ I had a lot of fun making this button.

I have used a cotton muslin, or in this case I think it was some bandage material that I had that was not being used. I have created the puffs & then filled them with a soft toy fill. Once the puffs where done I then sewed them onto a piece of cream cotton, & then embellished them with different types of beads, buttons & embroidery stitches.

Stay tuned for button number 4 coming your way soon ☺
Big Hugs
Your Friend
Elizabeth xx