Sunday, November 3, 2013

Playing with scraps

This piece of fabric is made from all of my scraps of fabric, that I have been collecting in a jar since starting Karen Ruane's workshops. I have also added a few snippets of other fabrics as well. The piece measures approximately 50cm x 30cm. To make it, I layed out all of my scrapps of fabrics & lace onto a piece of Muslin or cheese cloth as some would call it. Then I tacked them all in place once I was happy. After that I then took it to the sewing machine & did FME ( free machine embroidery) all over it to hold the snippets in place. I did not use a hoop to do the FME, hence the bubbly effect on the fabric. But then I quite like the looks of the bubbly effect :-)

This is a piece of one of a kind fabric, & you could not buy it :-) ( A Karen thing :-) )

I have made so far from this fabric, an owl. "OWLY" She is my snowy owl for Christmas.

I am hoping to make a few more things from the piece of fabric. So keep watching this space.

Warm Hugs & Happy Stitching
Elizabeth xxxxx