Saturday, August 18, 2012

Busy making samples for the Extended Embellishments class

 There are lots of photos today. This first one is Free Machine Embroidery (FME) done on to some cotton bangage fabric. As I did not have the scrim needed at the time. The pattern is Vermicelli.
 This next sample is done on the same piece of cotton bandage but this time in a circular motion of FME
 Again same fabric, this time in a flower pattern
 This is the samples out of the hoop, to show the floatiness of the fabric.
 These samples are done on some actual scrim. I forgot that I had this piece when I started doing my samples.
 We then moved onto grids on scrim. I have again used the cotton bandage fabric. The kind you get in the first aid kits for arm slings. I still have more work to do on this piece so keep watching :-)
 This sample we added snippets of another fabric to the scrim before doing the FME on it. I really like this piece of work, & as you will see further down on this post. I have worked on it some more & am even more happy with the results.
 We then moved onto doing FME onto silk paper ( Unryushi paper) This was quite an interesting technique. I quite liked making the holes into the paper then adding the FME around the hole & lacing over the top. Close up below.

 I then moved on to do the grid onto the silk paper, & also doing more holes. You will see further down that I have worked more on this piece as well & am happy with the finished results.
 Here is the scrim with the fabric snippets finished. I have cut it out & then needle laced around the edges of the piece to stop it falling to pieces. It is a very fragile piece of work. I have also done some needle laced circles around some of the FME circles to add some extra depth to the piece. I have shown it twice as it is on two different backgrounds, & looks different on each one. I can see me making a lot more of these sorts of pieces :-)

 Here is the grided paper worked more & finished. I am quite happy with this piece as well. I have needle laced around the edges & also done rows of needle lace on two of the rows. I have then added some web stitches & some needle woven bars. I have also done some webbing in one of the cut holes, see below.

Well, I think that  is it for todays posts, I think I have shown all that I have for now. I will post again soon, with some more samples. More scrim & holes & also mirrors. So keep tuning in for more samples.
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Elizabeth xxx

Extended Embellishments With Karen Ruane

 These two photos show my mood board for the extended Embellishments workshop with Karen.
I am basing my designs for this class, on lace, nature, Art Neuvoe & illuminated lettering. All seem to have a common link, in there shapes & designs.

Plus I will be carring forward some of the work that I did in Karen's other class, The Embroiderer's Ledger. A fantastic class & one I highly recomend to anyone who not only loves embroidery & art, but books as well.
Warm Hugs
Elizabeth xxx

Embroiderer's ledger classes have finished. Or have they

 This is the last thing I made for the embroiderer's ledger class. But it will not be the last thing I ever make for this book. The surrounding photos where taken when I went to the Hand & Lock confrence when it was in Sydney a few years ago. It was held at the Power House museum, in conjunction with the Dianna exhibition. The photo's are from works by the Hand & Lock team, & have been a great source of inspiration for me for some time now.
This is a close up of the work that I have done on this piece. All of the fabrics where kindly given to me by my dear friend Isabell. They are from a sample pack of silk fabrics from the Silk Rout. The perls in the second row are from another good friend Arlene. The large pearl cluster at the bottom is one I picked up at a vintage craft fair just recently. For a tiny sum of $2. This would have to be one of my most favourite piece of work that I have ever done, & I can see great potential to expend on this piece.

I have really enjoyed doing the Embroiderer's ledger class with Karen Ruane. I highly recomend it to everyone. Karen is a great teacher & also very generous with her knowledge & ideas. If you would like to take one of Karens classes or just want to see what she does. Visit You wont be disappointed.

Warm Hugs
Your Friend
Elizabeth xxx