Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day Two of Embroiderer's Ledger

Today was an extention of what we did on Thursday. I have added some Pantone colours to my colour swatches, as I will use these in the future to colour the wire for the stumpwork elements that I want to do for this piece.

Todays lesson had us taking a part of our image we liked & paint it. We also did more colour swatches & added some embroidery. I have done the French knots onto some Mulberry paper. It was lovely to work on. And turned out a lot smaller than I had thought it would.

I had to extend my page from the other day as it was only A4 in size. I have added a canvas page as my extention. It has been lovely to paint on this medium & very easy to stitch into. I think that I will use the canvas a little more throughout this Ledger.

All I have to do now to these pages is add some notes. I am thinking that I will extend the pages down below all of the work, & have it so they fold up. Then again I may do something completely different. Decisions, decisions, decisions ☺☺☺
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