Saturday, August 18, 2012

Busy making samples for the Extended Embellishments class

 There are lots of photos today. This first one is Free Machine Embroidery (FME) done on to some cotton bangage fabric. As I did not have the scrim needed at the time. The pattern is Vermicelli.
 This next sample is done on the same piece of cotton bandage but this time in a circular motion of FME
 Again same fabric, this time in a flower pattern
 This is the samples out of the hoop, to show the floatiness of the fabric.
 These samples are done on some actual scrim. I forgot that I had this piece when I started doing my samples.
 We then moved onto grids on scrim. I have again used the cotton bandage fabric. The kind you get in the first aid kits for arm slings. I still have more work to do on this piece so keep watching :-)
 This sample we added snippets of another fabric to the scrim before doing the FME on it. I really like this piece of work, & as you will see further down on this post. I have worked on it some more & am even more happy with the results.
 We then moved onto doing FME onto silk paper ( Unryushi paper) This was quite an interesting technique. I quite liked making the holes into the paper then adding the FME around the hole & lacing over the top. Close up below.

 I then moved on to do the grid onto the silk paper, & also doing more holes. You will see further down that I have worked more on this piece as well & am happy with the finished results.
 Here is the scrim with the fabric snippets finished. I have cut it out & then needle laced around the edges of the piece to stop it falling to pieces. It is a very fragile piece of work. I have also done some needle laced circles around some of the FME circles to add some extra depth to the piece. I have shown it twice as it is on two different backgrounds, & looks different on each one. I can see me making a lot more of these sorts of pieces :-)

 Here is the grided paper worked more & finished. I am quite happy with this piece as well. I have needle laced around the edges & also done rows of needle lace on two of the rows. I have then added some web stitches & some needle woven bars. I have also done some webbing in one of the cut holes, see below.

Well, I think that  is it for todays posts, I think I have shown all that I have for now. I will post again soon, with some more samples. More scrim & holes & also mirrors. So keep tuning in for more samples.
Warm Hugs
Your Friend
Elizabeth xxx


karen said...

you have worked so hard Elizabeth and it has really paid off. You have some amazing samples.

Elizabethanne said...

Thanks Karen. I am having so much fun doing your class. Hope to do more soon. Hugs Elizabeth xx


Hello Elizabeth your samples are beautiful. I particularly like the stitching on the fine fabric (out of the hoop) it takes on a new dimension. I'm sorry I haven't visited in a while ... I got awfully bogged down and needed to take a bit of a blog break to get things done at home. Keep stitching?

Oh and I just wondered ... are you still playing Tag Tuesday? If you want to join in there is no need to catch up with old ones. We have some nice themes coming up in september

bye for now, hugs, Carolyn

Elizabethanne said...

Hello Carolyn
Thanks for your lovely comments. Yes I am still doing the tag Tuesday. Sorry I have not posted anything lately. I have been rather busy with classes & things at home. I am looking forward to the September tags. Some of my favourite things :-)
Hugs Your Friend Elizabeth xxx

Tamara said...

Hi Elizabethanne, You inspire me with your work today. Your samples are beautiful and it is nice to see how you progressed.Thank you!