Tuesday, February 26, 2013

At a stale mate

Don't you just hate when you are waiting for threads to arrive that you ordered three weeks ago now, & you still do not have them? Because some one in Australia post in all the wisdom, decided to sent them back to the sender instead of delivering them. AAAAAARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

This is what is causing my stale mate. There is loads of things that I could be getting on with in regards my tea pot, but not having that one particular thread is causing my to get embroiderers block ☹

While I have been waiting for these threads to arrive. I have been busy☺ Week seven saw us looking at FMEing silk straw paper onto another fabric.

First off, I coloured my silk straw paper with Ink tense blocks to give it more of a tree like colour. Then I tore some holes into the paper. I tacked the silk straw paper onto some silk dupion, as I was tacking it down, I caught in snippets of other fabrics behind the holes. My favourite piece being the bit with the owl on it☺☺ Then FME'd ( Free Machine Embroidered) the whole piece in a thread to match the paper. Then I went over it again in a green to replicate leaves.

Once all the FME was done I then added some hand embroidery to highlight the holes. To give a look of peeling bark & lichen on a tree. And some beads to add a little highlight to the piece.

I am currently working on a second piece & will be framing them  as a series of pictures to go with my tea pot. So keep watching this space ☺
Warm Hugs
Your Friend
Elizabeth xxx

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