Sunday, July 28, 2013

I'm still here

Sorry again for being away so long. Life does get very hectic at time. I have recently gone back to work & have been busy beavering away on different projects. I am still working on my tea pot from the last post. But have been caught up in the bug of making pin pillows with Karen Ruane☺

I am also working on an embroidered fabric book for my grand daughter for Christmas as well. It will be an interactive adventure book. I will be taking a photo of her & making it into a fabric version of a paper doll, then I will make clothes & things for her to put on herself, then each page will be embroidered with different adventures for her to take. Well, this is what I am hoping it will be.☺☺

This is the pin pillow that I have been working on. It is being damp stretched at the moment, & hopefully today will be made into the pillow☺

I am also still working on my quilt that I shared with you a while ago now. It is getting there though☺ I have also made, well, embroidered the front panel of a cushion to acompany the quilt when it is made☺

I will end this post with photos of things I have been working on for the last few months.

Warm hugs to you all
Happy stitching
Elizabeth xxx

 This book is from an amzing quilt exhibition that I went to with my mum recently. It is on at the Brisbane art gallery, & is a collection of quilts from the Victoria & Albert museum. And they also brought along the most amazing stumpwork casket that I have ever seen☺ Sadly I was not aloud to take heaps of photos of it☹
 This piece is a piece of FME scrim that I am making into a lacy kind of quilt. Well mine will be a curatin when I have made more panels.☺
And I recently purchase this book from the book depository. It is an amzaing book. One day I am going to fill the book with my own sketches & embroideries. For all that have seen or own this book you will know what I mean☺


margaret said...

you certainly have been busy with your needle, such a variety too

Susan Hook said...

Your work is beautiful and so dainty. I like the pillow it is gorgeous!