Friday, January 14, 2011

Letting you know I am still here

Hello everyone,
Sorry it has been so long since I last posted on my blog. 2010 was a very hectic year for me, & I am glad to see the back of it.

I am hoping that in 2011, I will post more on my blog & take things a lot easier this year.

Sadly My City & Guilds course has come to an end, before I could finish it. I made it through to module seven out of the ten. But have been unable to complete the rest.

I have really enjoyed doing this course & am sort of sad that I was unable to finish it. I must say though in trying to finish it I did burn myself out.

I have spent some time in taking lots of photos for inspiration,for works to come. So stick around & see what comes ☺


Jensters said...

Shame you never got to finish your course, but your health is much worth looking after....looking forward to your next lot of art.

Hillside Threads said...

Sorry to hear you were not able to finish your C&G but no point in burning yourself out because of it. You have done so well, you work is amazing, I am sure what you have done will help with whatever you do in the future.

Good luck and take care my friend

DIAN said...

Elizabeth, good to see you back on your blog again.

You did so well with C&G and I am sure it will hold you in good stead for future projects.

Linda said...

Hello Elizabeth, lovely to see you've returned to your blog. I hope you are feeling much brighter these days and ready to create special textile projects. Hope you manage a few visits to SF as well. Take care.