Thursday, March 3, 2011

If you click on each of the images they will come up in another window & show you a close up of what is written on the pages.

Module six saw me looking at Symmetrical & Asymmetrical images. This was quite a challenge to start with.

But as I progressed it got a lot easier.

Then came Gold work. Again this technique was new to me, but I quite enjoyed it & am looking at doing more of it.

This sample was fun & a new product that I had never used before. Form-a-foam. It is a very versatile product & can be used for many things.

Right throughout this module I have used tools & products that I had never used before, as well as techniques. This is one of the main things about this City & Guild course that I have enjoyed the most. It has shown me things I never thought could be done & taught me new techniques as well.

Keep watching for module five. I will get it up in the next day or two. Your Friend Elizabeth xx

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fabriquefantastique said...

certainly looks as if you are enjoying the course.