Thursday, July 21, 2011

Contents of my Art healing journal

Here below are some photos of my art healing workshop that I did on the willowing website. Do go take a look at this website it is great.

This is the front page of the book, it is all about what I love most, tea & all things associated with tea.

This page is a self portrait☺☺ I have since added to this page some stamping & also the words "Freedom to be me"

On these pages I have done another self portrait only this time I am dressed☺☺ & having tea with a friend. This is a part of my whimsical. The sign is the recipe for friendship cake. And goes like this:
1 cup of greetings
1/2 cup of smiles
1/3 cup of Love
1 tablespoon of Sympathy
1 Lge Hug 1 cup of hospitality

Cream greetings & smiles thoroughly. Add hugs mix well. Then add love & continually stirring in sifted sympathy & hospitality. Serve with Humility.

This page is filled with all of my favourite things to do with Tea.

And this page is filled with some of my friends from the UK's Embroiderers Guild forum. I want to do more pages like these filled with all of my friends whom are very dear to me.

On these pages will be the paper dolls that will become books in themselves, that I will fill with all of my dreams and aspirations.
I have enjoyed doing these pages & hope to continue to do more. So keep watching for more installments. ☺☺
Big Hugs
Your Friend
Elizabeth xx



Beautiful pages Elizabeth. The best kind of healing art is art that really pleases you ... your favourite subjects, favourites thoughts and favourite techniques. It's such a lovely idea ... I'm going to pop over to willowing now. Have a lovely week dearest xo

Elizabethanne said...

Thanks Carolyn for you lovely comments about my Art healling book. You have a lovely week to my friend XO

Montreat Designs said...

I think this is a fabulous idea... And your execution is so lovingly done.

Sheilasembroidery said...

Beautiful, what a lovely idea for your journal. Must try a page like that in my journal. Mine is mostly a travelling journal.

karen said...

such a lovely book!