Friday, July 27, 2012

More Photo's from my Embroiderer's Ledger

 I have shown this page before. I just wanted to show that I have added my FME practice piece to represent lace. This is done on tissue paper. Then on top of that I have added some lace motifs of a flower & two dragonflies.

On the page beside it I have FME some dragonflies onto tussue the cut them out & added them to the page.

I have done this to show continuity of workings from my original dragonfly design.
 This is the back of the previous page. I have added anothe photo of the original piece that I used for this project.

I have then taken elements from this piece & done some sketches for later projects.
 This is a close up of the sketches, from the above photo
 These next two photos are just a few more of the sketches that I have done from the main design.
The photo below shows how I have taken the sketch above further. I have worked it more in colour & stitch. The scroll & three of the petals on the flower are cut out to reveal the original design behind. I have then stitch around the scroll in gold thread & added a few extra scrolls. I have also added some web stitches to the page as well.

The edge of the page is a tissue paper lace that I made with FME. I have done it onto the edges of the page as well. I have then added a cut out dragonfly that has had the cenral wing cut so that it sits of the page, & I have added some clear dimensions paint to make it shinny.

 The photo below is another page that I have all ready shown. But have also added to. Well, taken away in this case. Behind this page is some fabric that I made by FME onto silk organza. I love the fabric & felt it was not being shown to its potential, being hidden by the top page. So I have cut out another wing on the page to act as a window to the page beyond.
 This is my emulsion painted page. I have stamped a lace design onto the emulsion using Stampin up felt pens onto a chantilly lace stamp that I have. The results where not quite as clear as I would have liked. The section at the bottom is more emulsion. But this time I have used water colour paints to draw my lace design. The emulsion had sections of resist in it, which has resulted in the paint beading. But patience has let the paint dry & it looks destressed.
 This picture below shows what the stamp looks like when stamped onto cartridge paper.
 This emulsion painting has the design stamped onto it using acrylic paints & an Indian wood block. I much prefer this one to the one before.
 In this photo I have grouped together all of my tissue paper & FME samples. I could not decide where I wanted to put them. So I added them all together as a group of samples.

This photo is of the page in which we added embroidered inserts to the page. Along with emulsion paints & embroidery direct onto the page. I am very pleased with this page.
I have been having so much fun doing this workshop with Karen Ruane. I am sad that it has ended. But at least I still have access to her if I need it in the future & I can still get inspiration from the groups flickr page. Plus I will be taking Karen's next workshop. Extended embellishments. So I will add what I learn in that class into this book as well. Plus there are still a few things that I need to do from this class. So you have not seen the last of my work yet :-) Until next time.

Warm Hugs
Your Friend
Elizabeth xxx


KippysSoMature said...

wow - Elizabeth! this is just beautiful to see all your pages together, and how you have worked so stunningly throughout them all! you are extremely gifted, and it is an honour to be in the same class as you - I have learned so much :) I am taking the next class as well.

thank you for posting all of this! it is so rich in loveliness and wonderful information !

Radka said...

I am just amazed by the amount of preparation, which eventually, I presume, would lead to embroidery. I take my hat of to you! I am too impatient stitcher, and I like to do too many things at the same time, so the time just doesn't allow for any depth (read my profile, you will understand, LOL). I did start City & Guilds in Embroidery a long time ago, but probably for same reasons did not finish. I envy people like you, but that said I do enjoy doing what I do :-)