Monday, July 16, 2012

A deviation In my journey

 After doing the dragonfly designs shown on the previous post. I thought of some work that I had done in a previous workshop, called "50 Drawings," In this workshop I looked at a piece of embroidery owned by the UK embroiderer's guild. And in particular the dragonfly within this piece.

I have added the booklet to the embroiderer's ledger book, as a design source, but also as a link to what will come next. On the right hand side of the photo I have added a piece of mono print that I did in the workshop. Then over the top of that I added a clear sleeve & added a piece of embroidery I did for my City & guilds homework. Again a dragonfly, but it is different from my original concept, I know.
 In this photo it shows a glimps inside the booklet & the relationship of the dragonflies.
 This photo is a close up of the embroidery & the mono printing done on grease proof paper. Both of these can be lifted to reveal what may lay beneath.
 In this photo it shows the conection with the dragonfly booklet & the exercise we had to do for week 3 part 2. And that was to take an image & take a section of it & look at the shapes. Then first paint in water colour or ink, then in pencil.
 Though not an exact replica, I am quite chuffed with the results. The top picture is the water colour painting. Done with Windsor & Newton water colour paints. Then the bottom picture is done in water colour pencils by Derwent.
 These two photos show the same fabric swatch exercise that I did for the paintings. One was done in normal flurecent light, the other I used a flash. The fabric samples are taken from the colours & shapes used in the paintings.

This photo shows the full layout of the week three exercise.

Even though I did deviate a little on my journey through this class. There is a sence of continuity through out. Flora & Fauna.

Till my next post cheers
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Elizabeth xxx


DIAN said...

Elizabeth, this is a really interesting post, showing various interpretations of a theme. The different techniques and materials are inspiring.

Thanks for sharing this.

Elizabethanne said...

Thanks Dianne
I really enjoyed this process of this lesson, & will use the fabric swatching again.
Hugs Elizabeth xxx