Friday, September 14, 2012

New photos

Over on my flickr, I have uploaded 35 new photos of laces, fabrics & bits & bobs, that I will be using in an upcoming class with Karen Ruane. The next & final class with Karen for now. Will be starting on the 2nd of November, & is called Embroider, embellish & create. I could not wait to share my fabrics & laces, so have put them on my flickr.

Hope that is ok Karen?

I will add more to my blog soon. I have just been so busy doing the Extended embellishments class with Karen, & have not had much time to post on here. Sorry everyone. I will try to be a bit better at adding things to my blog.

Warm Hugs to you all
Your Friend
Elizabeth xxx


Elizabeth Braun said...

Some lovely bits of pretty there, Elizabeth.=) Looks like you'll have a fun time on your course.

I doubt you really need to worry about if it's 'OK' to post your own photos of your own stuff on your own photo-sharing page when you want.=)

karen said...

that's absolutely OK!!!!