Sunday, February 3, 2013

Starting to take shape

This image was created with Instagrams Instacollage. It is of some of the elements from my Alchemy work book. The photo in the top left of this collage is the knitting after it has been felted. This will be the base fabric for my tea pot.

This is a paper 3D model of my tea pot. I am a bit ahead of everyone else in the class on this. But had to make it as my inspiration was fastly dieing on this idea. I needed to see it in its 3D form, so that I could work out sizings for the stumpwork elements that will decorate this tea pot.  The spout & the handle in this paper model, will be joined with a strip of felt. When it is in the fabric form. I could not quite work out at the time of making the paper one, how to achieve it in paper.

Happy Stitching everyone
Warm Hugs
Elizabeth xxx


Hillside Threads said...

This looks interesting. Sounds like you are enjoying your course.

Elizabethanne said...

Yes I am. It's lots of fun. Learning so many new ideas

margaret said...

the tea pot is I am sure going to be fantastic, look forward to following you on your journey with it.Like the felted knitting, it has felted well

MulticoloredPieces said...

Found your blog through Karen Ruane's blog. Her class looks very interesting. I enjoyed seeing your sketchbook pages and I find your theme intriguing. I'll drop by occasionally to follow along and see how you bring your 3-d teapots to life.
best from Tunisia,