Sunday, July 15, 2012

Extensions of work

 This photo shows my first attempt at hand patchworking. I have stitched the hexagon patchwork on to the piece of FME done on the quilters Muslin. Then I sewed the two pieces onto the tissue paper piece that I did earlier in the class.
 This is a close up of the patchwork
 This photo show the pice in situe now in the book.
 Here is the further workings on the dragonfly piece that I did earlier as well. I put another page over the top of the dragonfly design then cut out a window, & made a door to go over the top of it. Something to entice the reader to look behind.
 On this page I added the FME piece of silk organza, as it resembled the wings of a dragonfly
Sorry this photo is sideways. I could not get the photo to up load the right way around. I have printed a lace design onto some vellum/parchment. This shows a sneek peek into what is behind.

Warm Hugs
Your Friend
Elizabeth xx


Arlene White said...

Looks really interesting.... Arlene

DIAN said...

Elizabeth this is fascinating - I look forward to seeing how it progresses.

Hillside Threads said...

I love dragonflies and I look forward to seeing how it all develops it is so fascinating.